On the edge of Maine ...just when you think there is nothing left to see ...there is a gallery like none you have seen before

...The Edge Gallery

Photos from The Edge

Visitor Comments

"Thanks for the Magic" -- J.M. - Farmington, Me.

"Well done! Very amazing! Love it All!" -- Stockholm, Sweden

"Beautiful, Thoughtful, Sensitive" -- P.P. -- Miami, Florida.

"Wonderful, Enjoyable, and a great learning experience" -- B.D.P. -- Stafford, Ct.

"Beautiful building! Wonderful photos!" -- P.C. -- Atlanta, Georgia.

"Breathtaking! Beautiful Work" -- L.F. -- Casa Grande, Arizona.

"Impressive, Beautiful, Poetic, Thank You!" -- T.C. -- San Rafael, California.

"Beautiful space, Fantastic Energy! -- S.S. -- New York, N.Y.

"Beautiful, and Important work ...Good to see it" -- L.S. -- New York / Maine

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