I live on a hill near the edge of the sea. The sea is a lady that speaks in the night when the gong buoy sings its lonesome song. She whispers through the silent fog the images that I see when I close my eyes.

In the morning when the cry of the loon lifts the tangled blanket of evergreens and fog …she lays there in a bed of silver and gold. The camera says “take me out …and let me see the wonder of it all”. - Peter Johannes

Photos from DownEast and the Maritimes.

  • Mirror Dory

    Mirror Dory

  • Motif #1

    Motif #1

  • Montauk Point Light

    Montauk Point Light

  • Seal Harbor Dinghies

    Seal Harbor Dinghies

  • Buoy Shack 1

    Buoy Shack 1

  • Lobster Shack 1

    Lobster Shack 1

  • Fog on the St. Croix

    Fog on the St. Croix

  • Beal's Island Gear

    Beal's Island Gear

  • Orr's Island Mirror

    Orr's Island Mirror

  • Lupine Dory

    Lupine Dory

  • St. Croix Repose

    St. Croix Repose

  • Kissing Puffins

    Kissing Puffins

  • Downeast Blues

    Downeast Blues

  • Buoy Stillife

    Buoy Stillife

  • Lupine Shore

    Lupine Shore

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